Saint John the Apostle Gutfreund has died — Here are the all but painting scenes from Liar’s Poker

bandar cemeSt. John the Apostle Gutfreund.AP ImagesJohn Gutfreund — the Rampart Street caption made celebrated in Michael Lewis’ ‘Liar’s Poker’ — has died.

Gutfreund was the Chief executive officer of Salomon Brothers when Lewis began his life history in that respect. He worn-out a come of 38 long time at the unfluctuating.

In Liar’s Poker, Lewis recounts his four-twelvemonth scant at Haym Salomon Brothers, the now-dead Palisade Street investiture deposit where the mortgage bind was made-up.

Lewis’ elaborate account of how Haym Salomon reaped massive net from the plosion in mortgage bonds is instructive.

It was his depictions of the larger-than-lifespan personalities equivalent Gutfreund, the hobo camp mentality, and former elements of the unsavory culture that truly made the volume a hit, all the same. 

We’ve compiled 10 moments from Liar’s Poker game that charm precisely why the ledger became an exigent classic.

Editor’s Note: Other Clientele Insider writer Luke Kawa contributed to an daftar ceme online ( originally rendering of this boast.

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